11am - 10pm 

1933 - 1944 DAVID LOW WAY



Bus and camping ticket sales will close November 3.  Make sure you get your tickets before Thursday November 3 at 5pm!

This is the first year camping will be included at The Originals Festival. It is on a trial basis so please help us out by being on your best behaviour!

• Only persons with a valid camping ticket and acceptable ID will be allowed access into the campgrounds. Camping tickets must be purchased online. There are NO camping tickets purchased on arrival of the campsite.

• Price of a camping ticket does not include tent hire.  You will need to provide your own tent. 

• Campsites will be allocated by event staff. You must keep all your gear within the designated areas. This includes ropes and tarps.

• You CANNOT reserve campsites. If you wish to camp near your mates plan on arriving at the same time.

• Respect your neighbours please keep noise to a minimum.

• Please keep all valuables locked in your car or in your possession at all times. Better yet leave them at home.

• Campsite will be open from 1pm-10pm on Friday the 4th and from 6am till 3pm on festival day. You can only arrive at these times.

• You can park your car near your tent. Once parked, your car CANNOT not be moved until after the festival on Sunday morning. If you need to access your vehicle, we recommend that you park your car in the separate car parking area.

• Toilets and warm showers will be available for camping patrons.

• A food stall providing coffee will be located within the campgrounds.

• Bag checks will be conducted on entry and police reserve the right to conduct their own searches.

• There will be a camp marshal available at all times in the camping grounds.

• There is NO power within the campsite so leave the hair straighteners at home.

Banned items in the Campgrounds:

• ALCOHOL -The campsite is a dry zone.  Any persons found drinking in the campsite may have the alcohol confiscated by event security. Police reserve the right to patrol the campgrounds at their will.

• GLASS – For the safety of all campers, there is strictly NO glass allowed.

• Weapons and fireworks. Anyone found with dangerous weapons or fireworks will be reported to the local onsite police.

• Large BBQs or open flames. The campgrounds are packed with people and very flammable materials. Please leave the big gear at home. A small gas camping stove is ok but unless you really need it please don’t bring it.

• DRUGS. Everyone knows the deal. If you get caught with drugs you will spend the night in the lockup and miss all the fun.

• CAMPFIRES. Yes we understand the tradition of campfires whilst camping but please keep in mind we need to ensure everyone’s safety. We CAN’T stress enough the importance of NOT lighting fires please help us out here.

Please note:

• OMF is a NO passout festival. Please take everything you will need for the festival with you. You will NOT be admitted access back into the campground once you have entered the festival site. 

Once your car is in the campgrounds it CANNOT be removed. It becomes far too dangerous having people driving all over the place. Coolum beach is a short stroll away and has everything you will need.