As the corner stone of Australia’s ‘east meets west’ electronic scene, Tijuana Cartel have a knack for blending layers of rich, intricate atmospheric soundscapes with laid back rhythms and luscious vocals to form an electronic beats tapestry that will cut through to your very soul.

Simply, there isn’t another band doing what they do. Having spent the last decade mixing in influences that haven’t been fused in the past, their penchant is for Middle Eastern scales, beats that get a floor moving and a general Psychedelic approach in song structure and ethos. Not married to one genre or another, they happily change direction in search of new flavors and inspiration,  whenever the moment takes them there.

Bound together by their mutual love of instrumental, Trippy and mind-expanding music, Paul George and Carey O’Sullivan are a truly formidable force.  With shared early memories of hearing tubular bells and falling for the musical escapism they created, they have emerged as one of the country’s most exciting acts and it would appear that their legion of fans whole heartedly approve.

For Paul his commitment to a life in music was spawned at 12 when he saw Beatles cover band ‘The Beatnix’ perform. It was at that moment he knew music was what he wanted to do with his life - to make as much beautiful noise as he could. He avidly listened to Led Zepplin, along with early Pink Floyd before moving into a Grunge phase which soon melded with Trip Hop acts like the Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack. It was not long after, that his musical tastes took a step into obscurity with him seeking out traditional Indian and Spanish music.